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2017 Ford Transit Van Lets You Do Business Your Way

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If you are starting up a small business in the Hicksville area, there's a very good chance a Ford Transit van is in your future. The 2017 Ford Transit adapts to your needs, whether it's hauling cargo or moving people.

As a passenger van, it can seat up to 15 people, and as a cargo van, can store up to 414 cubic feet of material. Its rear doors swing out wide and lock open, making it easy to load it up with bulky boxes and equipment. Cargo hooks and anchor points make organizing and securing goods a snap…

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2017 Ford Explorer: An All-Weather SUV

Do not let the fear of weather or different terrains stop you from road-tripping! The 2017 Ford Explorer was designed to handle different kinds of weather to ensure the safest ride for its passengers. With its Four Wheel Intelligence system, the car is able to detect any kind of change when it comes to weather or gravel. This way, the car is able to change its degree of power and stabilize its wheels with ease for the passenger. The car is also able to haul up to 5,000 pounds. The car, being an SUV, does not expose the items…
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2017 Ford C-Max Hybrid

When searching for a new vehicle, there is a myriad of things to consider, and safety is usually at the forefront. The 2017 Ford C-Max sports a best-in-class safety rating and an all-wheel-drive system that allows for maximum stability, hugging the road at every turn. In the event of an accident, 911 Assist comes standard, allowing any unfortunate events to be reconciled at the drop of a hat. The 2017 Ford C-Max is available in both traditional and hybrid models and allows the driver an incredible 37 miles per gallon highway. With the ability to upgrade your vehicle to include…
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Drive the 2017 Ford Escape Today: Find Out What All the Talk is All About

Many consumers, Ford Loyal, are making tracks to their nearest Ford dealers: Why? They wish to experience the high-tech driving experience of the 2017 Ford Escape SUV. This amazing driving machine provides the customer with sleek styling, second-to-none. When you drive the 2017 Ford Escape: expect people to stare.

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