Common Causes of Engine Overheating

Your car's engine is important because it's the main source of power. If the engine overheats, it can cause damage to the part. Some signs that the engine is overheating are steam pouring out of the hood of your car, an unusual smell, and the temperature gauge needle going beyond the normal limit. If your engine is overheating, there are several possible reasons.

One possible reason is a damaged radiator or radiator fan. Cooling can't occur properly when the radiator isn't in good shape. Another potential cause of engine overheating is lack of coolant. This is one of the easiest and less expensive fixes. All you have to do is add more coolant. As a rule of thumb, you should never let your coolant levels drop too low to prevent overheating of the engine. A water pump malfunction can cause the engine to overheat as well. The water pump is a part of the car's cooling system.

Possible causes behind engine overheating vary greatly. The best way to prevent your engine from overheating is to keep up with routine checkups and maintain coolant level. If your car's engine has overheated, you can schedule a service appointment at Jim Schmidt Ford Inc. in Hicksville, OH.

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