Your Engines Cooling System Hoses

Car engines generate a lot of heat. The combustion chamber is the home of fire. The engine consists of metal—a major conductor of heat. Without a method of dissipating the heat generated through combustion, the engine would absorb more and more of the heat and eventually seize. The answer to the problem is a fluid cooling system to carry heat away from the engine.

Engine cooling hoses must endure heat and be capable of containing pressurized fluids. Modern systems use antifreeze that includes oils for lubricating and protecting the inside of the cooling system and corrosive chemicals to battle contaminant buildup and rust.

Over time the oils in the antifreeze breakdown. At that time, the chemicals in the antifreeze become a danger of coolant hoses. The chemicals corrode hoses from the inside out causing catastrophic failure.

Visit our service center at Jim Schmidt Ford Inc. in Hicksville, OH to have your coolant system checked for hose degradation.

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