Look at the Ford Taurus Variety of Technology Features

There are countless reasons why the Ford Taurus is seen as a popular full-size sedan. One we will focus on today are a few of the technology features.

After you get the Taurus up to speed on the highway, the Blind Spot Information System is scanning around your vehicle to make certain no other car is in your blind spot when you go to change lanes. If there is, the system sends an immediate alert so you stay in your lane. Once clear, you can shift lanes without concern of another vehicle being there.

Another important feature that keeps drivers safe is the Lane-Keeping System. How this works, you drive normally and start to drift out of the driving lane. The steering wheel begins to vibrate until you take that corrective action back in your lane.

If you visit Jim Schmidt Ford Inc. today, you can take the Ford Taurus out for a test drive.

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