Here in the Ohio, the first hints of Fall are slowly creeping in. Now, in most cases "creeping in" just means the air getting a bit colder and leaves turning colors, but in other cases, the "creeping" bit can be quite literal. That's right folks, we're talking about finding unwanted stowaways in and around your car, spiders to be specific. And while we know these little bugs are just looking for a warm place to stay as the nights get cooler, most of us would prefer they did that somewhere else. Luckily, Ford has one helpful trick that'll keep these eight-legged creepy crawlies outside your car where they belong.

You see, there are a lot of things that spiders love, like mosquitoes, warm places, and building invisible little strands of web across commonly traveled areas and laughing at you when you walk right into them and freak out. But there's one thing they absolutely loathe: peppermint oil. So, by simply spraying some peppermint oil mixed with water around your vehicle, particularly around the air vents, you can enjoy a ride free of spider stowaways.

Luckily for owners of new Ford models, Ford has implemented a spider screen into all ventilation systems to keep the bugs out, but it never hurts to know this trick to keep them at bay. For more helpful tips like this one, make sure to follow this blog, or stop in to Jim Schmidt Ford to learn more from our helpful sales associates today!

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