Great interior features of the Ford Fusion Hybrid

The Ford Fusion Hybrid is an exceedingly popular hybrid sedan. Our customers report much satisfaction with its drivability and customization achieved through its interior features.

The vehicle's SmartGauge includes a feature called Break Coach. This helps you know how to best use your breaks...

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The Ford Edge Features Forward Collision Warning with Brake Support

One of the most popular mid-size SUVs on the market is the Ford Edge. It boasts energetic engine choices, great versatility, and loads of cool technological specs. While some of these specs are for entertainment, others are for the safety of the driver. One of these specs includes the forward collision warning and brake support.

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The Ford Explorer Comes Equipped with Numerous Technology Features

What makes this year's new Ford Explorer the three-row SUV that drivers are talking about? It might be some of these popular technology features that are the cause.

The impressive adaptive cruise control in the Explorer is going to make highway driving safer than ever. Once the speed has been selected, the vehicle scans the road ahead for anything moving slower than that speed.

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Test Drive the New 2018 F-150 at Jim Schmidt Ford Inc. Today

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the 2018 Ford F-150 is one of the most powerful pickups in its class. The engineers over at Ford have designed this truck from the ground up with durability and strength in mind. With its military-grade chassis and robust engine, you won’t ever to worry about the F-150 coming up short.

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The Ford Fiesta ST Sound System

The Ford Fiesta ST is a subcompact performance hatchback created with its driver in mind. The sound system and radio technology are top-notch, providing ideal entertainment while riding in the vehicle.

The Sony audio system features eight high-quality speakers that carry 100 watts of sound. The setup includes four woofers and four tweeters.

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Ford Transit Connect - When You Need Big Capabilities

The new Ford Transit Connect may be the perfect vehicle, whether you’re in the market for a passenger wagon or a cargo van. If you’ve always believed you’d never find a vehicle large enough to satisfy your traveling needs, you’ve never seen the Ford Transit Connect. Come to Jim Schmidt Ford Inc. and see what the Ford Transit Connect has to offer.

The Transit Connect’s 2.5L iVCT I-4 engine provides 169 hp and 171 lb/ft of torque to give you the most power and fuel efficiency possible for any driving condition. 

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Look at the Ford Taurus Variety of Technology Features

There are countless reasons why the Ford Taurus is seen as a popular full-size sedan. One we will focus on today are a few of the technology features.

After you get the Taurus up to speed on the highway, the Blind Spot Information System is scanning around your vehicle to make certain no other car is in your blind spot when you go to change lanes. If there is, the system sends an immediate alert so you stay in your lane. Once clear, you can shift lanes without concern of another vehicle being there.

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Check Out the Top Ford Mustang Technology Features

The 2018 Ford Mustang is a popular sports car, and it has held this top position ever since its first model year. This year's model features some great technological advancements, including the all-digital, 12-inch liquid crystal display instrument cluster. It has the ability to adjust the layout, and you can pick the color that you like the most.

If more than one person drives your Mustang, you can set the My Mode software to remember your preferences.

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Ford Focus Style to Suit Your Needs

With the Ford Focus, you have many options and design choices available to you. You can choose anything from the high-end luxury limited-edition RS to the most stylish compact electric car on the market. Each of Ford’s unique models features recognizable exterior features that set it apart on the road.

Ford gives you many choices when it comes to exterior design. The ST and RS are the sportiest models. 

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Bad Gas Mileage: Bad Gas Pump

Car owners know and understand that fuel is an important component of the functionality of their car, but sometimes they overlook the fuel system itself. Below are two signs that your car’s fuel system may need to be serviced:

  • Gas Mileage- If you notice that you are not getting the same amount of fuel mileage you have in the past leading you to have to fill up your gas tank more often, this is an indication that your fuel system needs to be serviced. 
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