Your Ford vehicle is built to handle the road with tough confidence. However, even the most durable and powerful vehicles need to be serviced routinely to ensure their continued success on the road. That is why we have a service team at our dealership available to assist you with all of your vehicle-related needs – whether you need a tire rotation or something more extensive.

One of the services your vehicle requires that you may not think about on a consistent basis is your power steering fluid. Not only does this service help safeguard your vehicle, but it also prevents further maintenance needs.

Changing your power steering fluid helps prevent the seals around the pump and rack from wearing down. Additionally, it helps prevent friction from building up, which can result in more expensive and difficult services if not addressed.

When should you get your power steering fluid? We recommend having it changed either every two years or 75,000 miles.

If you would like to learn more about our selection of vehicles, or if you have any questions pertaining to servicing your Ford model, we invite you to visit us at Jim Schmidt Ford Inc. in Hicksville, OH. Our team would be proud to help answer any questions you may have about the purchasing or servicing process.

We are proud to serve drivers throughout Paulding, OH and Auburn, IN, too.

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