Few things are more frustrating than getting a chip in your windshield. However, getting your windshield fixed as soon as possible, even if it’s only a small crack. Why isn’t it safe to drive around New Haven, IN when your windshield is chipped?

Firstly, a chipped windshield can obstruct your view of the road, making it unsafe for you to drive. While a chip may be a small blemish on your windshield, if it’s in the right spot it can actually reduce your visibility.

Moreover, the longer you drive with a chipped windshield, the more that chip will spread and grow. Everything, from changing weather, to dirt, to potholes can spread that crack.

Lastly, a chip in your windshield can damage the overall integrity of your windshield. That’s because your windshield is designed to keep you safe, both in daily travel and in the event of an accident. However, even the smallest crack or chip can reduce its integrity and efficacy.

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